My name is Alena Pieterova and I offer professional language services to various national agencies as well as to businesses and private clients.  

Why Me?

  • Full-time professional translator
  • 15+ years of linguistic training
  • Registered with the Czech Association of Translation and Interpretation
  • Officially registered in the Czech National Business Register
  • Quality Assurance process in place
  • Thorough knowledge of my languages and at least 8 years of living and working experience in the countries of my languages
  • IT specialist qualification (BSc degree in Computer Science, London, United Kingdom)
  • MA Political Science and Diplomacy (from South Korean university, all components of the course including MA dissertation were conducted entirely in Korean language)
  • Korean Studies and Linguistics at the University of London, United Kingdom (2 years full-time)
  • Graduated the Korean language specialty course at Korea University, Seoul (18 months full-time course)
  • Korean for Academics and Research course, Korea University, Seoul (4 months full-time course)
  • International Test of Proficiency in Korean TOPIK - the highest level (level 6)
  • Test of English for International Communication TOEIC - grade 990 out of max. of 990


Example of Clients:

  • Korea branch of the world's largest IT technology and consulting company
  • Czech National Radio
  • Czech Embassy
  • Czech Tourism Agency
  • One of the biggest South Korean TV networks
  • South Korean leading professional musical theater company
  • Museum in Seoul, South Korea
  • Korea branch of a multinational brewing and beverage company
  • Health foods import company
  • etc.


czech translator photo