Interpretation Services

Consecutive Interpretation

During consecutive interpretation the speaker and the interpreter take turns with the speaker pausing every few sentences or at the end of each thought to allow time for the interpreter to render the message into the  target language

international conference

Liaison (Business) Interpretation

This type of interpreting is mostly used for business meetings, negotiations, trade shows or other settings where the interpreter acts as a mediator between two or more parties and has to constantly switch languages. 

liaison interpretation scene

Whispered Interpretation

Whispered interpreting (or chuchotage in French) is similar to simultaneous interpreting but is performed without using the equipment. The interpreter uses soft voiced speech to simultaneously render the message to a single person or a very small group of people. The lack of technical aids in whispered interpreting necessitates close proximity of the interpreter to the target listeners and as such is effective for groups of up to four people. This type of interpreting is used for events such as conferences or bilateral meetings when simultaneous interpreting for a small group of people is required.

Korean, English, Czech

Specialty areas:

  • IT – software, hardware
  • Business
  • Tourism
  • Media and entertainment
  • Cultural events
  • Etc.

(I provide whispered interpretation only in the following language pairs: Czech to English, Korean to English.)

The cost of interpretation depends on the type of interpreting, the duration and the event type. The amount of interpretation required also affects the cost of interpretation services: discounts will apply to long-term projects. Inquiries can be made by email to:


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