Expert areas:

  • IT - software, hardware, networking
  • Business - contracts, proposals, human resources
  • Marketing - advertising brochures, product description, sales presentations
  • Investment - proposals, financial documents, regulatory requirements
  • Education - online education, corporate courses

General translation:

  • Web and social media content
  • Tourism
  • Media and entertainment
  • Culture


☑ Translations into English

☑ Translations into Czech

☑ Translations into Korean

How much do you charge?

Every translation is priced individually depending on language pair and translation area. You can contact me for a quote on I aim to respond to all emails within 3 hours. If you attach the document (or at least a sample of the document) you want translated, I will get back to you with a quote.

How is the price calculated?

The price depends on the language pair and topic(area) of your translation. Based on my experience, I know how long it takes to do terminology research, translation and proofreading of your translation in each language pair and translation area. I will provide you with official quotation and invoice. 

How long will it take to translate?

I usually translate between 2500 - 3000 words a day. I always try to accommodate the client and his time requirements but I only accept assignments that allow me enough time to produce a high quality translation.  

Do you translate into all three languages?

I translate from and into English, Czech and Korean. I am bilingual in English and Czech and I have studied and worked in South Korea using Korean language for many years. It is true that maintaining high quality translation level in three languages is not an easy task for a single translator. I do, however, put great emphasis on continuous professional development and linguistic training. I also aim to spend several months every year in South Korea, Great Britain and the Czech Republic to stay in touch with current vocabulary. Unless you specify otherwise, all my translations are also proofread by another translator who is native in the target language for extra quality assurance. For translations into Korean I work closely with a native Korean translator to ensure top quality and precision.